ELDAR - Amaterasu Shiroi 2010


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Edited by Caustic Records 2010
CAUSTIC info: After the great debut album from ELDAR released through Cold Meat Industry, Caustic Records presents the re-release of two old and sold out albums of this band from Barcelona. All work that appears on this album has been re-recorded and re-mastered, from the demo recordings in 2007/2008, edited by SkullLine in two volumes called "Ama Terasu" and "Solve Et Coagula" currently sold out. They have been re-recorded almost all the instruments and voices that make up the album, also have been changed and added various features and sounds/samples of songs, including inedit songs. The result is an album completely new and different from the first recordings of those years. A must for fans of Triarii, Toroidh, A Challenge of Honour, Stahlwerk 9. This album is based on the r e lation of philosophy and society. Humanity in their continuing struggle to manage their destination uses the philosophy to guide their society, unlike animals that only use force to impose its collective. Other times it is used for personal purposes and lead the masses. A divine spirit behind the philosophy, but this is used for diabolical purposes. This work is dedicated to all those who have fought and still fighting for that philosophy is a social ideal and the only way for humanity to evolve. We pray to the deity Amaterasu to make this possible. The design of Amaterasu Shiroi´s artwork has been realised entirely by Amalgam Primordialis, synergy of the architecture office berkano.ARK and the versatile art of stillme. As always the design is near to the traditional world, the symbolic vision of the things, the nature and the events that characterize them.


released January 15, 2010

Composed & Produced by Marc Merinee & Merce Spica
Art Work by Amalgam Primordialis



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ELDAR Barcelona, Spain

ELDAR are Marc Merinee and Merce Spica from Barcelona, born in 2004, The sound of ELDAR is a unique blend of different musical styles that mix the industrial sound, dark ambient and neoclassical aspects, but all characterized within the framework of electronic music. Their sound evolved over the years to the current sound in each album you discover new aspects of music. ... more

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